Funding Talent Reviews

Great company. They have transformed into something really amazing, customer service is second to non, always kind and polite, and in regards to my experience with the challenge, I think it’s great. The figures are there, 80% split pay out, bi weekly every 15th and 1st and no trading day or weekend curfew rules.

Truly amazing company. 100% recommend no ones doing it like them.

Platrik Plander

Literally this prop firm kill all prop firm, the Best

Mystic Knight

2 month ago i was annoying you guys about the payment issue (i am truly sorry for that i did not know there was a law about $100 spending limit in nigeria) and now i was able to get the account. finally! thank you guys for creating morning flex to create this opportunity for trader who cant purchase the account. i hope this company goes to the moon


I just joined this prop firm and i can say their support is very good and compared to other prop firms, funding talent has less stress. Only one guy named logan silver in the company is very rude and he is very bad and if he continues to behave with customers with rude mentality then funding talent future will be bad.


I just joined funding talent as before I was with FTMO and their customer support and rules are very strict. Hope funding talent has good services. I was recommended from a member from